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Social Business Network

Businesses which go social rapidly rise to dominate established markets. No vertical is safe now. We figured a secret sauce to upgrade you to social. It is your move now.

Get your own web 3.0 website


Each company will get a new website which includes tools for adding content (products, services, news, blogs, documents, images etc).  All the things that you wish to be made globally public are automatically posted to facebook and twitter.  Unlock your content that doesn't seem to fit your current website.  All manner of file formats are understood by the Lablz platform and are fully indexed for search.

What the network will do for your business

You probably already use social sites to promote your business and your employees are connected with their friends with some social network. It is a familiar method and a new effective way to comminucate. Now imagine using similar tools based on transactions and business relationships, not just friendships. This means connected people and companies are alerted about relevant opportunities and critical events in supply chain instead of 'likes', fan clubs and loosely related adverts. 

Becoming a node on the network

Lablz are creating hubs for every vertical, so you decide which vertical you wish to be a part of.  If there isn't a hub for your vertical you may be lucky enough to become a hub yourself and act as the search base for anything in your game.  Each hub can have an unlimited number of companies.  Every business makes some simple declarations about it's role, purpose and relation to other types of business in the same vertical.  This becomes your company profile and defines the things you will be fed, the companies and customers to connect with and the prospects relevant to you. 

Web 3.0 for your internal business

Your new site has a secure side too enabling functions like sales force management, crm, internal helpdesk, departmental blogs, document management and search.  Use the platform as a social place for your employees instead of old notice boards for announcements, meetings, events, minutes, advertisements, risk management.  The platform has many other common business tools and Apps ready for immediate use.  If it's not already available new additions, specific to your business can be built in a simple way often just by reusing your existing data.  Lablz can help you with this or we can teach your IT people how to do it.  Just as the web development grew by sharing ideas so does the Lablz platform by augmentation.

Your new site is ready for mobile

Most sites and not ready for mobile or rely on browser specific plug-ins, such as flash or active-x.  Everything on a Lablz site has a mobile optimised view as well.  Whatever you can do on the desktop can be done via a mobile as well. The platform requires no plug-ins and shows as pure html so works on all browsers and devices.  Everything you see on a Lablz site can be turned into a widget and embedded on your own site.  Everything can be used as an RSS feed.  This is all achieved without writing any code, script or html.